Week 9, Term 4


This week on Tuesday, Room 4 are having a morning tea called "Golden Christmas Morning", all children have chosen someone they would like to invite, some have invited a neighbour, grandparent or a parent. The children have been busy preparing.  The thought behind it was that we wanted to bring Christmas joy to others. All children need to bring a plate for the morning tea, (something appropriate for adults).

On Tuesday at 5pm is the Graduation Mass.

Wednesday is our Secret Santa day, if each child could bring a gift to school to the value of $5, that would be much appreciated.

Prize giving is on Thursday at 1pm.

Have an awesome week!


Week 8, Term 4

Hi All,

On Tuesday, Room 4 will be going down to the library.  This will be our last visit for the year.

Cricket Coaching will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday afternoon, we will be going to Alexandra Primary's production down at the Memorial Hall.

Also, for the end of the year Graduation Mass, it would be great to be able to offer the community food bank a variety of food for those during the festive season.  If you could start bringing in food for this, that would be fantastic.

Have a great week.

Week 7

Kia ora,

Week 7 is upon us already, roughly 3 weeks till the end of Term!

Thank you to those children who said their speech last week, everyone else will be expected to say their speech on Monday. 

The assembly for this is on Thursday at 1.30pm in the hall.

Wow, I think that is the quietest week in a long time!

St Gerard's Cook Book


Together we can make this a $50,000+ fundraiser for our school!!

Two years ago conversations were happening around how we could raise a substantial amount of money for St Gerard’s. We talked about the need for a library to be reinstated, about the need for spaces for sciences, art and music so that classes could undertake exciting project based, student driven learning and about how we always felt like the school was running on a shoestring...what could we do to help? From these conversations ‘The Seasonal Cook’ was born.

For the past two years many of you have been involved in the project ‘The Seasonal Cook’. We would like to say thank you. Thank you for your recipes, your testing and tasting, your sponsorship and your time. We received over two hundred and fifty recipes for the book - and in the end we could only include just over a hundred and twenty recipes. It has been a huge effort and we are so proud of the book that has been produced.

‘The Seasonal Cook’ was…

Week 6

Hello,  Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.   This week, Monday-Wednesday we will have some children present their speech for Eisteddfod.  I know some children will need more time so those who need that extra time will present on the Monday, 26th of November.  The assembly for this is on Thursday, 29th of November at 2pm.
Speech Eisteddfod  Year 4's 2minutes  Year 5's 2-2.5minutes  Writing: Write a speech using this structure: *Introduction – Who? What? When? Why? How? Try an interesting question or comment to “grab” the audience’s attention. *Paragraphs/Headings: Each paragraph will be about a different part of the topic. Show a clearsequence of ideas. *Conclusion: Sum up your topic. Leave the audience with an interesting thought or message.
Presenting/Speaking: ·Speak clearly so the audience can hear all that is said. ·Use expression in your voice. ·Pause for effect. ·Use pictures or props to add interest. ·Make eye contact with the audience.

AssessmentDeveloping (1) Achieved (2) Achieved to …

Week 5, Term 4

Week 5 

Hello everyone, 

Tomorrow, the children selected for the Athletic Zone will be confirmed.  The Zones will be held on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday, Room 4 are going to hold a Saints day - where each child has chosen a Saint and has been doing some research at school on their chosen Saint.  On Wednesday, each child will need to dress up as their Saint and share their research.  

Thursday - Is the Teacher Strike day so the school is closed for the day. 

On Friday, we will have our first lesson in the Life Education caravan.  Our topic this year is on empathy and self management. 

This term for Eisteddfod, we are doing speeches.  Some children have already begun preparing their speech.  The assembly will be on Thursday 29th of November. I will give the children an outline of marking schedule this week.  

Remember school hats need to be worn during morning tea and lunch. 

Hope you all have a great week. 


Week 4, Term 4

Good Evening, 

We have athletics rotations on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so please send children to school in sport's uniforms.

The Athletic Sports will be held on Thursday 8th November at Molyneux Park, with the postponement date being the following day, Friday 9th November.

The events will start at 9:30am and run through until approximately 2:45pm.

Students will need to wear their school sports uniform with track suits or track pants and school jersey over the top. Sun hats, sun block, a warm jacket and plenty to eat and drink are needed.

All children are to be at the park by 9:15am. If your child will be travelling to school by bus on the day, please let me know so that we know who to wait for, and your child will be walked or driven to the park – wait in the school office area once you get off the bus.

If you are able to help on this day at an event please email Thank you to those people who have already indicated that they are available to assist…