Saturday, 29 June 2019

Week 10, Term 2

Wow, we are at the end of the Term!

I have loved teaching the children in Room 4 for the last two terms and I look forward to my last week with them before going on maternity leave. I have heard wonderful things about Ms Anne Earland who will be starting in Room 4 at the start of Term 3.  I will definitely be back to show the class the newest Baby Dwyer when he/she arrives! I am also going to still be helping with the Young Vinnies group so will be at school for these meetings.

We have another busy week:

Ice Skating
Tuesday and Thursday - If anyone can come down and tie shoelaces, I would really appreciate this! We arrive at the ice skating rink at 10.20.
Children need to remember to bring warm jacket, gloves, pants, and helmet.

First Aid Session
On Thursday, Room 4 will have a First Aid session with an instructor from St John's.  We will be doing our session at 9am.

The children selected will present their Poem in an Eisteddfod assembly on Thursday afternoon at 1.30pm. The names of these children will be put into the newsletter.

Mufti Mania
Thursday is also Mufti Mania, this is a Caritas fundraiser. This year the money being raised is for a school in Papua New Guinea, They are in need of a new toilet block,  water tanks, classrooms and resources.

No Spelling this week. There has been a lot of children sick, and children are tired, so we will keep the homework at a minimum this week.

God Bless and Thank you!

Claire Dwyer :D

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Week 9, Term 2

Kia ora,

This week we will be listening to the Poetry Eisteddfods.  The Year 2's will present their Poems on Thursday Afternoon.
The Year 3's will start presenting their Poems in class tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday morning the top 8 will then say their poem to Room 6 and then Mrs Laidlaw and I will select the children to go to the Assembly which is on Thursday afternoon, Week 10.

Ice Skating starts this week- Tuesday and Thursday. Room 4's session is 10.40-11.20, the bus will leave school at 10.15am and will return at 11.35am.

Children need to bring a warm jacket, socks, beanie and gloves to school and their Sports uniform on these days.
If there is anyone around who is available to come down to the ice skating rink to help children put on their ice skating shoes, I would really appreciate the extra helping hands. (Bending over to tie my own shoes is getting difficult!)

Image result for Ice Skating picture

Room 4 are on Assembly this week - 9.10am on Friday!


Hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Week 8, Term 2

Welcome to Week 8!

This week we have Wig Wednesday, to raise money for the child cancer society, children can wear mufti with a hat or wig, this is a gold coin donation. There will also be a bake sale at playtime, so bring along your spare change.

There is also a School Mass on Wednesday - co-ordinated by Room 7 and 3, older children who are new to Altar serving this year will receive their badges at this Mass.

Eisteddfod will be assessed at the start of Week 9, I'll let you know in the next blog what days in Week 9.
Here is the Year 2/3 marking schedule:
Children can pick a poem from their poetry book from this year or if they have a favourite poem from somewhere else, that is fine too!

Poetry Eisteddfod
  • Present a poem to an audience
  • Use a clear voice
  • Listen attentively to the presentations

Introduction  5

Presentation 10

Preparation    5

Voice              5

General Comment:
I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

God Bless 
Claire Dwyer 

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Week 7 - Term 2


Welcome to Week 7 of the Term!

If your Year 3 child has brought their permission slip back to school for tackle rugby this will be on Tuesday this week. They need to bring old clothes along to school to get changed into.

I will be away on a course on Friday so a reliever will be in Room 4.

Please remind your child to bring a jacket to school, to keep warm during Action Stations if they choose to be outside but also if it is cold during Morning Tea and Lunch Time. Thank You!

Hope you all have a lovely week,

God Bless
Claire Dwyer

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Week 5, Term 2


Thank you to all those families who came to Mass this morning, it was wonderful to see some of our Young Vinnies being Commissioned to the Young Vinnies Society and to see our newest children to St Gerard's being presented with their bibles.  I am very aware some children could not attend due to Sport Commitments and that is fine. 😊

This week is our last week of Swimming, so if children can please bring their togs and towel on Tuesday and Thursday.  Some children are extra hungry on these days so some extra food in their lunch box would be fabulous!

Wednesday is a Teacher Strike Day and the school is closed. More information about this Strike will be sent home tomorrow (Monday).

On Thursday afternoon, the Playhouse theatre are coming to school to perform.

Assembly is at 9.10 on Friday morning.

The days are getting colder so please remind your child to bring a jacket along to school to keep warm if they wish to do an Action Station outside and at break times.

Claire Dwyer

Friday, 10 May 2019

Week 3, Term 2

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mums, Grandmothers,
I hope you all have a lovely day and made to feel special and valued for all you do!

Week 3

On Monday, we will be welcoming Education Review Office (ERO) to school at 11 am with the Kapa Haka Group doing a formal welcome.

Tuesday and Thursday are our swimming days, please remember your togs and towel. (Sports uniform can be worn on these days)

Netball Tournament 
We have been having whole class lessons on Netball and to use our new skills we have learnt we are having a Whole School Netball Tournament on Wednesday. Below are some details about the afternoon:

  1. Students will come to school in their house colours. Warm clothing needed please plus lunch and water. No pie warmers.
  2. Leave school at 12.15 to walk to courts and eat lunch there. please have a rubbish bag for your class. Parents welcome to walk with us 
  3. Students to going home straight from courts. Bus children can be brought back to school if needed. (If you could let me know, if your child needs to be brought back to school I would appreciate this). 
  4. Sharelle and Ashely will talk to students at 1pm .
  5. First game is 1.10. The games are 5 mins long. No half time.  
Pink Shirt Day 
"Kōrero mai, Kōrero atu, Mauri tū, Mauri ora - Speak up, Stand together, Stop bullying!
Children can come to school wearing pink in support of this day and a gold coin. 

Religious Education 
This week I will be sending home a R.E sheet on the Fruits of the Spirit in their book. 

Spelling and Fridge Words
Weeks 3 and 4 will be glued into their books on Monday and also the Fridge words.  Apologies for not sending the words home last week.  

I hope you all have a fantastic week, 

Claire Dwyer 

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Week 2, Term 2


Week 2, is quite similar to Week 1, Swimming is on Tuesday and Thursday. We have Netball on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Children are allowed to come in Sports uniform on these days.

Last week, I sent home a small laminated Fridge with a magnet on the back.  If you haven't received this it will be in your child's book bag or school bag. Your child will receive new Fridge words tomorrow.  The spelling words for Week 2 are in your child's book.  The test we did on Friday is also in the back of the homework book.

Quinn Breen has lost his Polar Fleece School Jersey, it is named so please could everyone check their school jerseys.

Have a great week!


Week 10, Term 2

Wow, we are at the end of the Term! I have loved teaching the children in Room 4 for the last two terms and I look forward to my last week...